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Nancy Kerrigan's Father Dies After Alleged Altercation, Brother Arrested48

1/25/2010 12:30 PM ET By Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson is FanHouse's Back Porch Editor
Daniel Kerrigan, the father of former Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, died Sunday. Mark Kerrigan, his son and Nancy's brother, was arrested later that day, and according to court officials, Mark was arraigned Monday on assault and battery charges for an attack on a person over 60.

Police say Mark Kerrigan and his father had an argument late Saturday night. Mark Kerrigan wanted to use the kitchen phone his dad said no. Police say Mark Kerrigan was drunk and got into an argument with his father and there was a shoving match.

According to police, Mark Kerrigan grabbed his father by the neck and Daniel Kerrgian fell to the ground. 911 was called and when EMTs arrived, Daniel Kerrigan was not breathing, but had a faint pulse. Daniel Kerrigan later died at the hospital.

The Boston Globe ran an obituary for Kerrigan Monday.

Nancy Kerrigan became a household name in January 1994 after she was attacked at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. It was later revealed that rival skater Tonya Harding's ex-husband planned the assault. Kerrigan didn't compete in the Championships but was named to the 1994 Olympics team and went on to win a Silver medal.


I'm sorry to hear this. Thats terrible news. I always liked Nancy Kerrigan, I was a fan of hers I guess you could say, back in the day when she was on TV all the time. I liked her Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup commericals too. Very cute and fitting to her personality and image. She is so elegant and always a lady. A class act. I think shes beautiful.

Sorry about her dad and what happened., thats awful.


I deleted the video, it won't play on Internet Explorer. Something about "Quick Time" player Photobucket is obviously in business with now, so it won't play. It works on Firefox but not IE. Photobucket is bad for video, I'll upload videos for now on to another server host. I prefer videos play on WMP or some sort of flash program,. "Quick time" is garbage, the player is a not very good program. However I like Itunes. Can't have one without the other though.


That is so sad sorry to hear/read this..I liked her figure skating and her in General~I agree Tyler, she is beautiful and every bit a lady`

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