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Go Colts!!! cheers

I like Peyton Manning quarterback for the Colts, he's one on the best quarterbacks I've ever seen. But Tim Tebow I think will be just as great in the NFL if not better than Manning. Can't wait to see what team gets him.

Go Colts!


Oh Man!! I love both these teams ,can I be bi partisan Sis boom ba!! Go Colts

Hip hip hurrah go Saints!! jumping spread legged high in the air Very Happy lying~~ but Baby i use ta good

rosco 357

i dont follow pro ball since my dad died, just lost interest, when i was at home me and daddy watched it, but i do follow college ball big time , but i had an uncle in law, his nephew played for bama many years back and played for the colts, but that was decades ago, but i have always liked the colts, but it really does not matter to me who wins,


Few more days and we will be witnessing one of the most exciting Super Bowl in the ages. The NFC Champion New Orleans Saints will be colliding against the AFC Champion Indianapolis Colts in what we consider to be momentous. In this Super Bowl 2010, we are about to witness two offensive oriented team and probably we will be witnessing a shootout.

The Saints dispatched their opponents in a shoot out, first against the Arizona Cardinals led by Kurt Warner and then the Minnesota Vikings of Brett Favre. However, they have to deal with the Colts which has a complete package. Can they match the Colts?

Letís take a look on the Colts, they have one of the best quarterbacks if not the best in the person of Peyton Manning. They can match the Saints offensively as they did in all their games except the last two in regular season. More importantly, the Colts have the defense that the Cardinals and Vikings donít have. In close games, the Colts know how to win. They are good under pressure.

Super Bowl 2010 provides us the greatest avenue of watching the greatest game on earth. Super Bowl 2010 will come to us on February 7, 2010 at 6:30 PM ET. Which team are you picking in this Super Bowl 2010?

I think the Colts are a better team, I hope they kick the saints ass.

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