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rosco 357

MY WORDS, my opinion and maybe im wrong because ppl are just as upset with congress in general, but i think what will happen is its full steam ahead for the 2010 election,and the 2012 and things will emerge to make obama look bad from the conservatives, to ensure he will be a one term president, only thing he has going is congress on both sides of the isle have a lower rating i think ,, but all politics is local . so even though congress has low ratings, ppl actually like their senator or congressmen for the most part.. its all the rest they dont like, anyway it will be interesting from this point on, and now the supreme court has i think shot down macain - fingold so business can contribute to candidates, i do believe, so money now will come more into play , with companies controlling lots of legislation, but i will say i have not studied the supreme courts ruling yet.On tv now they are saying even american companies that have most their work done in china or other countrys, can tell congressmen and senators, vote our way or we will give enough money to ur opponent that u will loose. i still need to study this but im fairly sure this was just stated on cnn.. this coming about because of the supreme courts ruling,

Obama acknowledges health overhaul hit 'buzz saw'
Jan 22 01:50 PM US/Eastern

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama says his health care overhaul has "run into a bit of a buzz saw" and acknowledges the process is looking ugly. Nonetheless he says he'll keep working to finish sweeping legislation.

In comments prepared for a town hall meeting in Ohio Friday, Obama said that the GOP victory in Tuesday's Senate election in Massachusetts has thrown Washington into something of a frenzy. Republican Scott Brown's victory denied Democrats the 60-vote filibuster-proof majority needed to advance the health care bill.

Obama also said the health effort ran into a buzz saw of partisan politics and special interest opposition.

But Obama said he had no illusions that overhauling the health care system would be easy. And, added, "I am not going to walk away just because it's hard."

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

WASHINGTON (AP)—Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut is suggesting that Democrats take a month or more off from working on health care legislation to regroup in the wake of Tuesday's election loss in Massachusetts.

His comments are the latest sign that Republican Scott Brown's Senate victory has thrown President Barack Obama and Democrats completely off-track in their quest to remake the nation's health care system.

Dodd led the Senate's health committee as it passed sweeping legislation last year.

Just a week ago the legislation appeared on the cusp of completion. Now that Democrats have lost their filibuster-proof Senate majority there's no clear path forward. Dodd told reporters Friday that Obama and Democrats should "maybe take a breather for a month, six weeks" and work on other issues.


Why now is Obama soooo concerned ??? He is just now seeing the light , the American people are very angry with him, his spending, his purposed cuts to Medicare (456 Billion ) his lavish spending and countless trips. All accomplishing NOTHING but more debt for us....


I believe Obama will come out of this and become a powerful leader.he is already a good man and leader/it is a learning, just like Clinton and other presidents went through.

no one said it would be easy, Obama admitted this.
if it were easy it wouldn't be worth fighting.. the republicans have a fight on their hands they are disliked and despised also for their shenanigans, and corruptness~I have no like for someone who sits out to cause someone to fail~

Chin up Obama the fight has just begun/// the good ,and right will always win..



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