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1 just my thought on President Clinton on Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:15 pm

rosco 357

i worked but came in turned on the tv, the presidents were talking about the disaster,,i think at the white house lawn,, gave out the clintionbush web sight for giving to the disaster,, i have always felt this way, i voted for clinton, the first time for his welfare reform platform, but what i want to say is when he gives a speech or a talk, to me he is one of the best, i can listen to him for the longest. i dont care if he made mistakes, i just still like him and enjoy the way he talks, he holds my interest more than any other one ..he is smart, i think a high IQ and a Rhodes scholar, just something about him i still to this day like, do i care if he lied, NO, i just plain like the man, i have made mistakes , i cant judge him, i think he has a good heart.. i hate he seems to be aging, i hope he does not loose his edge, just some thoughts,

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I agree. The best speaker I have ever heard too in politics is Bill Clinton. However I think Obama is great too. He really does well in his delivery. I agree I think Clinton is very intelligent.

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I agree Completely Rosco,many mistakes we all make,who are we to judge?
If Hillary and he can overcome/I like

I know he ran a good Ship as president ,economy was good no wars..he was a very intelligent president/he is still involved and considered one of our best.;many times he is called upon

4 Re: just my thought on President Clinton on Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:06 pm


I was just watching face the nation Bush/Clinton were on talking about Haiti
it is good to see this

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How strange to see Clinton in Haiti when during his administration he order an attack on that country. I guess all is forgiven when you need the US help.I see he has Chelsea in tow for his visit, hope the distraction and security needed to cover them doesn't hinder the work going on there. They have such limited air space and every relief plane landing should be top priority.

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