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1 Season’s Greetings… on Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:35 pm


The little boy who lives deep within has emerged (me), as he always does at this time of year. As I reflect back on my life, there are many things I would change about myself, if I could, but not the child like spirit that overtakes me.

In a very special place here in my house, sits an old photograph. It is a picture of a familiar character, with a long white beard, dressed in his trademark red suit, and on his lap sits a young boy, frozen in time, reciting his Christmas wish list.

The boy is oblivious to the fact that his picture is being taken, for this is perhaps the most important conversation of his young life.

I often look at his face, so serious, so innocent, unaware of all that awaits in life. Unaware of the disappointments and loss that each of us experiences along the way.

In a few days from now, a magical transformation will take place. I will have finished our evening meal, and will go into the living room. The soft glow of the twinkling tree lights will illuminate not the face of a forty year old geezer, but that of a boy, the boy who is about to exchange gifts with his now small family. For an hour or so the child who once sat on Santa’s lap so long ago, will live again…

Merry Christmas, everyone. Merry Christmas to all…

2 Re: Season’s Greetings… on Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:54 pm


Tyler,this was wonderful to read,an takes me back to that innocent girl,waiting anticipating the presents,
family.and the spirit of why we celebrate this time.

as the years moved forward a young girl blooming to woman hood.still anticipating the wonders of life/love an creating this feeling for her children
never realizing at that young age the loss also we may experience.
we endure an move forward

Have a wonderful Blessed Christmas.

Love abounds in those who dare to try~

3 Re: Season’s Greetings… on Thu Dec 24, 2009 12:04 am

rosco 357

so many things i miss,, like picking out a night to decorate the tree, and a nite to go look at ppls houses. certain neigborhood went all out.. i remember wanting to get up to see what we got,daddy would say every year, let me first turn up the heat, then we will get up,,,,and we would all go in at once.. it would be arranged mine on one side of the tree and my sisters on the other, we would look and eventually go to the other side of the tree to see what my sister got and then she would come to my side, my parents middle class but they went above and beyond on christmas to make sure we got what we wanted, the best things were what we called the surprises,and as i have said my mom was one of 8 and we lived in the same neighborhood, so we would go to every cousins house to see what they got. that was the best part, and them coming to ours, i miss putting toys together for my kids, its changed for me, i feel bad, i dont even have a tree, but it will be nice at my sisters, take care..Merry Christmas,

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