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1 wow, is this true? Gold heist? on Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:02 am


old Stash May Solve $51M British Heist

Posted Jun 8, 08 8:12 CDT in Crime, World Most Covered

(newser) – After a long, bloody trail, British investigators may be close to cracking the case of six robbers who lifted $51 million in gold from a London warehouse 25 years ago. Last week, while tracking proceeds from organized crime, Scotland Yard detectives uncovered six suitcases packed with $15 million worth of gold inside a deposit box, the Guardian reports.

The bounty, possibly bullion not recovered from the heist, is Britain’s single largest discovery of unexplained gold. Authorities suspect mobsters stashed some in a deposit box and turned the rest into cash. So far, six people linked to the crime have been murdered, and one official says they plan to investigate other deposit boxes: “Every box is a story, a potential investigation.”
Source Guardian (UK)

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