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1 The Fable Of The Ferryman on Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:32 pm


Long ago,the ferryman was worried about his ferryboat and much troubled. "My ferry leaks so badly,I cannot carry all who need to use it and I cannot raise the fee any more. The people complaineth". And the ferryman treks to see the new chief "BO, THE MAGNIFICENT". And BO,THE MAGNIFICENT, sayeth "No problem,Jim, I'll come out with my two experts, Harry and Girly, and we'll solveth all yer problems toot-sweet". And when the people heard,they did rejoice. And after BO, THE MAGNIFICENT, and Harry and Girly did survey the boat, they approached the ferryman much aggrieved and troubled. And BO, THE MAGNIFICENT, did say unto the ferryman "Jeez, slim, that there boat is shot. It's gonna sink the next time you take it out if not sooner. We must repair it. That'll be 784 billion shekels,more or less. Probably more". And the ferryman did lament loudly and cry out "Oh BO,THE MAGNIFICENT, where for art thou to get that kinda dust?" And BO,THE MAGNIFICENT sayeth "We are broketh,but we will get the little yellow people that see through slanted eyes to give us the money,and we will give them our children, and their children,and their children's children. And we'll give away some new chariots and temple jobs and such and there will be much rejoicing".. And the people heard and did rejoice. Well,not all the people. Some of the people complaineth and complainethed loudly. But BO,THE MAGNIFICENT wisely said: "Ignore them for they know not. And Girly sayeth, "Ignore them,for they are but wooden statues placed there by the EVIL bushmen", and Harry sayeth: "Uh....What?" And the work did begin. Slowly. Very slowly. As a a matter of fact, the ferryboat kept getting lower in the water and more and more people could not ride in it. But BO,THE MAGNIFICENT was not troulbled and yay, he did approacheth the people and say "Lo, your roofs leak and are making you unhealthy and abominable before the Lord, ME, and Harry and Girly must fixeth them. And we will do just as well as we will probably or maybe will do with the boat leaks and it will only cost you a few more generations to be sold to the little yellow folks and all will be well". And even though it would become illiegal to cook food or get warm, and we all had to cut our hair and wear the same women's clothing like the people across the great sea, we became happy and rejoiced every damn day. THE END

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