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1 Being sincere on Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:03 pm


Being sincere, I am really troubled with things not right in the world. I am basically sick of it. I can't take anymore.

I love this life, its been good to me and being fortunate enough to do whatever it is wanted to do. I set my own rules. I totally controlled my own destiny, I always had free rein to do and go after anything I wanted to do, or, accomplish. My life is now engulfed with problems, before I was free, riding around in my jeep (c-J 7) with the top down. I had my shirt off, I was tanned, feeling good, chicks looking at me all around, I'd have the music blasting with one foot up on the mirror as I drove the jeep around the lake. I had nothing to be concerned about whatsoever. Life was so good, my family was close by, everyone was happy, I had plenty of money, my family was rich, a blessing thru and thru. I was what you would call a "Rich kid". I had everything. But now I'm not that person anymore, I no longer manage a complete life. I sit at home and worry now. My mind does not feel the same. I want to go back to the way things were, when I was driving my jeep around the lake.

Ok, just blogging a little. I invite anyone else to do the same.

2 Re: Being sincere on Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:35 pm


You're too young to wanna go backwards. My struggles didn't end until I was 46 and the big changes came as a complete surprise. I lost everything I had in 1975 when I was 27. For 10 years,if I had in my possession anything of value,I stole it.In 1985, I started rebuilding once again, but in 1994,I lost everything all over again. But within 6 months I had $73,000 in the bank and was 100% debt free. The roller coaster ride never ends and I'm not sure I want it to. (Well, you axed)

3 Re: Being sincere on Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:01 am


I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, one I didn't appreciate until I was in my 20's, I was the rebel of all rebels, married at 18, divorced 2 1/2 years later with a son, remarried a widow at 23, remarried and after 36 wonderful years a widow again. Life really isn't fair but it is a learning experience..I have worked since I was 14 , went to college, got a wall of degrees and used only a part of my training. My love was chasing storms , I haven't given up this , it is just on the back burner for awhile till my life settles down and we are all back on track..
I am deeply concerned by the shape our country is in, debt so consuming we may never recover, poor leadership, instead of a new beginning we have no beginning, one year and nothing has been accomplished but the largest debt increase by a president in history in their first year. A country so divided along political lines it is pitting brother against brother..Homeless, hungry, desperate people by the millions , is this what we have become ? I wasn't raised like this . I never worried about tomorrow , now I am consumed by tomorrow and what catastrophy it will bring.

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