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This was the entire error problem of my computer and why nothing was working right on the internet with firefox.

The problem was sun Java a update (my original thought) , every time I tried to up date a got a "Sun Java Error: 25099 Unzipping Core Files Failed Fix discovered".. error message. Finally I googled the error message number and got my answer.

It seems you have to go to "my computer>>local disk>>programs Files>>Java>> and then delete everything you can in all the files. But don't delete it out of your recycle Bin just yet. You want the option to "restore all items" if it doesn't work.

Then go to sun java and download the latest version

That totally worked for me. Its fixed now. Friggin sun Java, they don't make it easy to update.

rosco 357

i got a java notice that it had a new update, like in a couple of weeks ago ( i think) and i did the update, but everything works, and since i have had it on here for a few weeks, i forgot the exact time but i java gives me that notice in the right hand bottom , a java icon comes on , so i know i have the latest and im glad it has worked ok, well work time, take care,


I get those java notices too but this time it didn't update or even show up. I think it was because it was a completely new program, and for some reason I had to go to the sun java website to get it. And like I said before, with this new update I had to delete all the old files out of the java folder before it would install. Its a problem that is not uncommon. To completely change some programs, that procedure is necessary. Not most, but aparentely sun java is one of them. Click that link above and see if you need to update to a newer version.

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