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1 It is NOT Obama's fault...... on Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:13 am


...that the Chinese have our economic gonads in their back pocket. Nor Bush's. Or the Republicans and/or Democrats. Or even mine or yours. Nope, it is our predecessors'. We have preached the advantages of "free narket economics" ever since Franklin started selling his almanac and it finally caught traction with the Chinese. The communists,having failed miserably at controlling their population growth,found themselves about 30 years ago,facing a dillema: "The population is growing beyond our ability to govern without the total harsh dictatorship we have been. We face probable revoltion and geographical fragmentation unless we divert the public energies to something with a big payoff". Thus: "It is glorius to be rich!". So they embarked on a program of turning low grade ores,non-degradable plastics, and toxic chemicals into useless junk they could sell to the Americans. And boy, did it work. We have been buying their crap faster than we could pay for it, so we just sold them our government securities, at interest,to get some of those dollars back and buy even more useless junk. Now the chinks are worried and our prez bows in their presence. Do you think the Chinese are gonna yank on Kim Il's chain? No way. Are they gonna speak harshly to the Iranians? The African despots? The Palestinians? Nope. Why should they? We owe THEM; they don't owe US. 1.3 trillion of the 3.8 trillion foreign debt is owed to one government (not the Chinese people; they don't control anything): The Chinese communists. Obama is lucky they didn't ask him to pull his pants down and start "looking for a dropped pen" like he did for the ay-rabs.And no, I have no idea what the solutions are to this problem,but just printing more monopoly money won't help. It NEVER has.

2 Re: It is NOT Obama's fault...... on Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:45 am


OOOOOOPS! My bad! It was the Japanese emporer Obama bowed to, not the Chinese leaders. Oh well they all look the same to me. I stand by what I said about the Chinese,though. Ingrates.

3 Re: It is NOT Obama's fault...... on Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:36 pm


Where the hell is Obama's etiquette coach ?? A US president is not to bow to another countries leader...How friggin submissive can he look, not to mention idiotic..He shocked many world leaders with this last faux paux.

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