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1 Get out the KY jelly, Harry's on the way! on Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:33 am


Four years ago, the EEEVVVIIILLL Bush admin. suggested reducing the Medicare budget by 6 1/2 billion dollars OVER A TEN YEAR PERIOD! Hillary denounced this as
"slashing" Medicare and as "immoral". Hmmm. That deserter and war criminal Bush at it again,I guess. How times change. The Senate plan includes cutting Medicare by at least $400 billion (!) over a 10 year period. Isn't that 60 times as much of a cut? (Note to Democrats: Get a pen and paper and some help from mommy and figger it out) Not to worry though; there's a trick. Ya see, that 6.5 billion was never cut and neither will the $400 billion be cut. Congress has NEVER cut SSA and won't do it. Pelosi and Reid know that so why propose it? SIMPLE! The bill,now under study by the CBO, must report the costs as if the cuts will happen so....when Reid announces whatever figures he gets from the CBO,that figure will be $400 billion LESS than actual. This lie and the "doctor's fix" lie has reduced costs (magically) by $650 billion! And I said Obama didn't have a magic wand? Neat, huh? This will be the hugest bait'n switch operation of all time. Get ready for it.

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