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1 My Thoughts on Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:54 am


for what it is worth/

whatever the party affiliation,those of us concerned is not about this,it is what is best for our country,working hand/glove theory,why can't we? stubborn/hardheaded/hate so many factors,it will never be all the arguments us little>WE THE PEOPLE<
can only do is vote ( tell our kids this)an correspond with our representaives /senators..

really how hard is it to give a little/to listen/to learn/

you know it kind of goes back to what our parents believed/passed down
My Dad was a grain company ceo(wasn't called that back then) farmer/landowner,he was fully dem//then he changed,we asked him why? never got his summary on this..
so we begin to evaluate.out of six kids two of us agree,the more money you have the more you support Republican/now remember this is just a theory.//breakdown/ our theory is republican means rich/dems means middle class~
my thought,I am much richer now,than ever/I am still democrat/for the middle class/an poor~

if we lose the middle class/we are screwed!! plain and simple

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