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1 Dealing with?? on Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:06 am


just my documentary/// I think what we are dealing with//call it what you want,is the eight years of deceit/lies//now we have to fix it Dems//an come hell or high water,the repubs will not give the due that is due
for\ six years they kissed Bush///mmm
nothing did the repubs question//
no matter what Obama does/ the Repubs will Attack/Why? it shows them for six years of nothing.except for the oil mongrel an the rich/harsh??: you damn right
you know where the money comes from.yep us! the working people/republicans .will /want to cut that middle class//Bush adm did almost succeed
there is still fight/hopefully Obama an those like will turn this country back to rewarding~the working people/farmers/sheet metal.fireman ,machanist/workers who work for this country

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