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1 Worlds fastes train on Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:31 am



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rosco 357

well it looked like 548 km/hr, im not sure what that is in miles per hour, i dont have time to look it up now, that was a rail train, so that was fast, japan did hold the record at 265 miles per hour, but it was a magnetic levatation train, which usually are way faster, they are talking about a mag lev train being built from las vegas to los angeles, with stimulus money but we shall see, i dont think the USA has a mag lev train now, but it does have high speed rail and the cresident corridor train that is planned from new jersey to new orleans,through atlanta and birmingham will be a i think high speed.but maybe not as it will haul freight,

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I think it is like 345 miles per hour~ I am not sure~

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Totally awesome to see that kinda speed on the ground. Its scary to think a train only running on iron tracks would attempt to go that fast. Seems irresponsible to me. I'm shocked they even wanted to. Its ridiculous, slow it down, its not necessary to go that fast, its putting lives in danger. Dumb asses...

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