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1 Islam=murder? Murder=Islam? on Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:29 am


I've always believed that generally speaking, there are as many homicidal maniacs in any demographic as any other demographic. Cops? About 5% Hairdressers? About 5% Accountants? Yep, about 5% But as we see in the news today, when a muslim is given weapons training, the results can be spectacular and tragic. Most homicidal maniacs kill people in bar fights or disputes with their neighbors/wives,gambling pals, etc. But not muslims. Oh no. They wanna kill EVERBODY and themselves to boot. This murdering bastard should have been ejected from the military long ago. Being a psychiatrist, he coulda got a good job in a government healthcare organization and killed thousands of Medicare or Medicaid recipients with just a stroke of the pen. Oh,let me re-state that: He could have applied a more efficient treatment policy. (We are about to become more familiar with such terms)

2 Re: Islam=murder? Murder=Islam? on Sat Nov 07, 2009 3:44 am


This was a terrible act by a Muslim in our military, but the ball was dropped months ago, he was under investigation for 6 months for his erratic behaviour. A Major of all things and a shrink treating PTSD etc.
It all boils down to he is Muslim and didn't want to go to Afghanistan...Sound familiar ??

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