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1 Sex Tape Unravels Former Beauty Queen on Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:03 pm

rosco 357

my words, WOW how things change, one minute away from maybe some big bucks sueing, and then wham , what makes this interesting is FOX and CNN and other outlets asked for this from TMZ , said it may be bigger than the acorn tapes, lol , well, i just added the acorn thing, lmao,,

Sex Tape Unravels Former Beauty Queen
Posted Nov 5th 2009 12:44PM by TMZ Staff

Carrie Prejean -- the dethroned Miss California USA -- is in meltdown mode because of a solo sex tape.

Prejean -- who made headlines for her stand against gay marriage and her strong ties to fundamentalist religion -- is supposed to appear on "Today" next week to push her new book.. "Today" producers have called TMZ, making it clear the interview has changed and they want details on the sex tape.

TMZ has also received calls from CNN, FOX and various other outlets asking for info.

The reason they're all calling TMZ -- we obtained the tape several months ago but decided not to run it because it was too RACY.

As we first reported, Prejean and Miss California USA officials had sued each other and were in settlement talks last week. Sources tell us Prejean was demanding more than $1 million but when Pageant officials showed her they had a copy of the tape, it took less than a minute for Prejean to fold and walk away with nothing in her pocket.

Prejean had sued the Pageant for allegedly firing her because of her beliefs and disclosing confidential information about her -- including her breast implants. The Pageant countersued, claiming Prejean had repeatedly violated the terms of being Miss Cali USA.

The reason the tape became such a smoking gun -- under Pageant rules, all contestants signed forms that gave assurance they had no nude videos or pictures in their past.

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