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rosco 357

gypsy wrote:we don't have car inspections here anymore
to renew your license you have to have proof of insurance though.
I guess that is law in all states?

I have lived in a commonwealth state for over 40 years still don't know the difference in the laws from just regular states .will look that up also

we have to have and carry proof of insurance, but that did not even happen till like 10 years ago, or close,to that, but back then u did have to fix a persons car if the wreck was ur fault, the state would send u a letter asking if the person had ur car fixed, and if u sent a no back the party in the fault would have his licence pulled, a drunk hit one of my cars probably 20 years ago,and was carried to jail my x was driving and my kids were in the car, she was hit in the back of the car.. and the state sent me a letter asking if the other party had it fixed.. i wrote back no, he had no insurance as he was a drunk and his insurance was canceled. but when the state was about to pull his licence he sent me a check , and a form to have notarized that he paid up, and he had to take that to the highway patrol by that day in order to keep his licence,but now u have to have insurance. and u better have proof in ur car,,


yes we have to carry proof an registration at all times~

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