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rosco 357

Is This The Best Sedan In America?Ford's 2010 Taurus Might Be Just That
Posted: Oct, 31
In a time before four-door pickups, SUVs, minivans, and crossovers, families drove sedans. History's most famous out of production sedan names include Nova, Dart, LTD, Cutlass, Fury, Fairlane, Volare, and Valiant. A name that has just returned to the forefront of the automotive world is Taurus.

MY Words, i did not post all the article its long but it does have a place to click to view pics of the new taurus, but here is the url if u care to read and view, i hope it sell well as i hope for all american cars even though i have a nissan i got for gas milage to work, , i think the pics has that 360 degree rotatation feature, i think,,,the car does look good, the aol auto writer says it rivals, audi and BMW|htmlws-main-n|dl6|link2|


We're old pals,so allow me to comment a little negatively on the guy who wrote this article. "Nova, Dart, LTD, Cutlass, Fury, Fairlane, Volare, and Valiant" are famous sedans? What? LTD and Fury,sure, and certainly Olds 88, Buick LeSabre,and Pontiac Bonneville. But Novas,Darts,Fairlanes,Volares,and Valiants were NEVER known as sedans. Cutlasses were known as sharp coupes and ALL the others were known as,and priced as, economy cars. This guy needs to go back to writing about men's jeans. I did read the article and I'm not surprised the new Taurus is a good ride. The original SHO in 89 was a stormer but had front wheel drive pull problems,apparantly solved. It's a good car.


LOL good post Moon, I loved the part about the jeans..

Novas, Darts, Fairlanes, Volares, and Valiants were garbage. Not quality cars in my opinion, (sorry to say that if someone still owns one.)

In my day the Buick LeSabre ruled. My Dad owned one and gave it to me (literally) on my 16th birthday. It was my first car, a Buick LeSabre.

Ironically, I own a newer one now, and its the car I drive most often.


I do like the sedans, my favorite is the Oldsmobile an Buick Lasabre,I grew with the big Pontiacs// my dad always drove a Pontiac

rosco 357

yep moon and tyler, i thought some of his choices seemed a bit wierd, some i was not even familiar with, i dont think i ever knew anyone that owned say a dodge dart,or valiant. and some others,, i have not watched nascar cup racing this year, i wonder if they will run the taurus, i think they are running the ford 500 but really i need to check this, i use to never miss a race but all my heros died, so i lost interest, i owned a 78 cutlass, it was sharp , but agree it was more of a coupe, but was not the 77 cutlass and pre77 a larger car, my dad had one of those, , my friend always drove a bonneville. another friend had a sharp car the satellite sebring,

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