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1 Boehner whines about health care bill on Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:03 pm


The Huffington Post October 30, 2009

Here's a video of House Minority Leader John Boehner reacting negatively to the House Health Care Reform bill on the grounds that reading legislation is hard. And just who the hell obligated Boehner and his colleagues to read laws, anyway? Some group of "voters" in a "congressional district" or something? It's crazy. Maybe Boehner needs to preserve some free time to replenish the orange glow of his visage, which projects leadership!

The funny thing is, regarding this bill he couldn't possibly peruse, he's got all sorts of definitive assumptions about it. "We've got better ideas," he says, "and we'll be talking about them over the next week." Sure! It's not like anyone told John Boehner about the summer-long health care debate that we'd be having. He's only now getting up to speed.


Of course, maybe Boehner should just sit down and leaf through that sucker! If he did, he'd probably like what he reads. As Igor Volsky pointed out yesterday, a whole slew of measures that the GOP requested have been provided in the bill. These include -- SPOILER ALERT (because I wouldn't want to ruin the best parts for Boehner) -- deficit neutrality, long-term cost reduction, across-state-lines competition, medical malpractice reform, protections for small business, and much more.

So, Boehner should take some time and read the bill. Based on past performance, it shouldn't take long. I mean, if it took Boehner and his colleagues five minutes to agree to the absolute essential-ness of the 300-page PATRIOT ACT, he should be able to get through this bill in under an hour. Weekend's coming: somebody get John Boehner a reading lamp

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