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1 MOBILE USE IS LINKED TO BRAIN TUMOURS on Sat Oct 24, 2009 5:15 pm

rosco 357

MY WORDS< i dont use one enough to worry about but i still have my old bag phone and all the different types we have had through the years i still have, my kids were kids when i got the 300 buck bag phone, before the small ones, the bag phone was stronger, but the part that would cause cancer was not against ur head,but in the bag,, but anyway, my boss u cant even carry on a convo with him till his cell rings he goes all day with it at his head, i told him if he dont get cancer i figure no one will, anyway, im really not sold on this yet,this info has been out for a few years, more ppl are going bluetooth is it called,????


Heavy mobile use is linked to brain tumours

Saturday October 24,2009
By Daily Express reporter

LONG-term mobile phone users could face a higher risk of developing cancer in later life, according to a decade-long study.

The report, to be published later this year, has reportedly found that heavy mobile use is linked to brain tumours.

The survey of 12,800 people in 13 countries has been overseen by the World Health Organisation.

Preliminary results of the inquiry, which is looking at whether mobile phone exposure is linked to three types of brain tumour and a tumour of the salivary gland, have been sent to a scientific journal.

The findings are expected to put pressure on the British Government which has insisted that mobile phones are safe to issue stronger warnings to users.

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