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No. 1 Florida Gators vs Arkansas Razorbacks

Hooray for Homecoming! The No. 1 Florida Gators are hosting Bobby Petrino and the Arkansas Razorbacks Saturday afternoon in The Swamp. Homecoming games are always fun to go to. The players play with a lot of emotion and the city is packed with more fans and vendors than usual. Arkansas is on a two-game win streak, including a win last week over an unbeaten Auburn Tigers team. This won’t be a cake walk homecoming game, but with the Gators firing on all cylinders no one can stop them.

The Gators have won seven straight over the Razorbacks (3-2, 1-2) since losing the first meeting in the Bluebonnet Bowl following the 1982 season. Tim Tebow and the rest of the Florida Gators will make sure it becomes eight straight. But to make that happen the offense needs to start firing. Meyer needs to get the passing game going. I want to see guys like David Nelson and Deonte Thompson catch some freakin balls. I want to see Rainey and Moody get 10 carries each. It’s time for the Gators to light up the stat sheet.

Of course if the offense still plays as they have all season, then the Gators will still probably win by 25 points. It’s the defense, led by Brandon Spikes and Carlos Dunlap, that has kept this team in check. The Gators have been able to rush the passer and the secondary has been unreal at shutting down receivers.

“They have done a good job all year creating negative plays and putting opposing offenses in second and longs and third and longs,” Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino said of Florida’s defense. “That’s why they’re tough, it allows them to tee-off on third downs.

“It will be a challenge. We believe we can go and win the game. We need to play with good technique and fundamentals and try and match their speed.”

Arkansas is led by quarterback Ryan Mallet. His completion percentage is only like 56%, but the guy throws for a ton of yards and touchdowns. He has almost double the yardage Tebow has. Of course that may be because Arkansas isn’t putting up 28 points in the first quarter and relying on the run to close games out.

I predict the Gators will win by a final score of 31-10. I think Mallet is good enough to get one touchdown on the Gator defense, but not too. I also think we’ll see Tim Tebow cross over 300 yards passing for the first time this year.


Final: Gators 23 - Arkansas 20

Gators win!

That was a close game, too close for comfort. But in the end Gators won and thats all that counts...

Wow, glad this one is over,, unexpectedly tough game..


Congrats Gators,I was for them ,over Arkansas
Kentucky is playing Auburn///
I think this is right, we have not won against them since late 70's~


Congrats Tyler, I was surprised by Arkansas an unranked team playing that well...



rosco 357

tyler , im am pretty sure im correct, florida is still number one in the coaches poll, but i think in the AP poll bama has moved to number one. i still hope we can play in the sec champ, but we have some games we could loose, like LSU and u never can tell about auburn, its such an emotional game even though bama should beat auburn, strainger things have happened, i forget who we play i will check , but on any given saturday anyone can slip up an lose,just as arkansas got close in the florida game we have Hightower out for the year, probably the best we had on defense and now arenas , but he has a rib problem so not sure how long he will be out, oh i dont know about the computer poll what i forget the BHS or something, what is going on with it, take care


I just checked and you're correct, in the AP poll bama has moved to number one. But in the other poll rankings FL is still N.1 On all the sports networks when they show the team rankings FL is N.1. Not sure what they call those stats but every time they show the rankings that I ever seen Florida is N.1.

We'll take you out when the time comes for us to play, just like we did last :)

rosco 357

yep tebow is hard to beat, i think which ever team had tebow would win that it is that close, our strength is defense and special teams ,, mark igram ran for 246 yards against south carolina, i think we play Tennessee at 2:30 CT on cbs, i made a mistake, its the BCS ratings, that uses the computer ratings the computer rates them as to how strong the teams u play have done , anyway bama is number 2 in that,i think we are better than last year,, but we will see against tenn, and LSU .as i said bama is number one in the AP which u know is the votes certain sports writers have,, work time, take care

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