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1 I BOUGHT MARCS CHRISTMAS PRESENT TODAY, on Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:55 pm

rosco 357

Jackson's burnt hair up for sale ( my words: hold on to it marc it will grow in value..lmao)


Published: 13 Oct 2009

SINGED strands of Michael Jackson's hair that were burned in a Pepsi advert are coming up for sale.

They were collected by Ralph Cohen, the executive producer of the commercial, who took off his coat to put the flames out on the singer's head.

Jackson was said to have never fully recovered from the second degree burns and an autopsy reportedly showed he was almost bald.

The hair was preserved after the accident in 1984 by Mr Cohen and the 12 strands are clearly singed.

You can see video of the accident below

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They are coming up for sale along with a transcript of Mr Cohen's account of the accident.

In it he recalls how rehearsals had gone well and the first take was fine and then as Jackson walked down some steps the pyrotechnics set his hair on fire.

Mr Cohen recalled: "And then, as Michael on his cue, was supposed to come down the stairs the explosion went off and the first thing I noticed was - he was about half way down the stairs - and I noticed flame emanating from his hair.

"And it took me a moment to register what exactly was happening because there was so much lights and so many different things go on sic] it was a little confusing but I noticed his hair was on fire and I immediately rushed out from my position.

"I pulled my jacket off as I was running and proceeded to, when I reached him, put it over his head."

The hair and Mr Cohen's account as well as a signed colour photo of Jackson are set to make up to 1,000 when they go under the hammer.


They are said to be worth twice as much since the King of Pop died aged 50 in June.

Just this week Jackson had a track released called This Is It.

Richard Davie from International Autograph Auctions is selling them at the Edwardian Radisson Hotel at Heathrow, London, on October 17.

He said: "This memorabilia has doubled in price since Michael Jackson died.

"The hair was collected by Ralph Cohen who worked on the Pepsi advert when Jackson's hair caught fire.

"The strands are clearly burned and were picked up after the incident that left Jackson with second degree burns.

"Jackson has huge global appeal with collectors all around the world.

"Of all the things he has done, including dangling his baby from the window and sleeping in an oxygen tent, the hair burning incident stands out.

"There will be lots of people who will want to buy these items as souvenirs and those who would like them as investments."

The lot is estimated to sell for 1,000.

2 Re: I BOUGHT MARCS CHRISTMAS PRESENT TODAY, on Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:53 am


Thanks, Roscoe, the clip was gift enough. I sincerely wish I had been there.........enjoy

3 Re: I BOUGHT MARCS CHRISTMAS PRESENT TODAY, on Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:07 am


I like my video better................................................

4 Re: I BOUGHT MARCS CHRISTMAS PRESENT TODAY, on Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:04 pm


Can someone call Smokey Bear... lol!

5 Re: I BOUGHT MARCS CHRISTMAS PRESENT TODAY, on Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:25 pm

rosco 357

SSC wrote: Can someone call Smokey Bear... lol!

i figure marc actually would want a bit of gasoline, lol

6 Re: I BOUGHT MARCS CHRISTMAS PRESENT TODAY, on Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:43 pm


"i figure marc actually would want a bit of gasoline, lol." /// As Smokey used to say "Only you can prevent faggot fites" OK OK, Tyler I know this is a bigoted and cruel post. If you wish me to abstain from such in future,just say the word. I am not trying to trash your site. Having raised a litte boy before a stupid accident took him away,I have become hardened against all who I think harm children. I am,in many ways other than this,flawed. I must add that I have seen some cuts of MJ's latest performances and I think him to have been an inspired performer. I have no qualms in saying the music industry has lost a great.

7 Re: I BOUGHT MARCS CHRISTMAS PRESENT TODAY, on Sat Oct 17, 2009 3:58 pm


Thanks Moon, but you're fine I don't have any problem with anything you've posted. Its an open forum format.

Carry on, and thank you for your concern for my feelings, I appreciate it. You're a good guy.

Sorry about your loss, that's a hard thing to deal with, I know.

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