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rosco 357

McCain Warns that Rejection of More Troops Would be "Historic" Error
Posted: 10/11/09Filed Under:Obama Administration,|htmlws-main|dl1|link5|http%3A%2F%2Fwww.politicsdaily

Sen. John McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, today urged President Obama to move with "deliberate speed" on a decision to increase troops in Afghanistan as his generals have requested, saying that to disregard their advice would be an "error of historic proportions."

McCain said on CNN's State of the Union that Obama should back General Stanley McChrystal's proposal for an increase of 40,000 troops and resist a "half measure" aimed at placating political opponents of deeper U.S. involvement. " McChrystal, the top general in Afghanistan, warned last month that the conflict would likely end in failure without more troops.

"To disregard the requirements that have been laid out and agreed to by Gen. (David) Petraeus and Admiral (Mike) Mullen would be an error of historic proportions," McCain said.

Petraeus is the head of the U.S. Central Command and Mullen is chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. McChrystal was made the top commander in Afghanistan in May when the Obama administration grew unhappy with the lack of progress made under the previous commander, Gen. David McKiernan.

With opposition growing among the public and, in particular, Democrats, to deeper involvement in Afghanistan, some administration officials - notably, Vice President Biden - have called instead for a strategy that requires a smaller American foot print, such as increased used of special forces and Predator drone strikes, plus faster training of the Afghan army.

Asked whether he believed the U.S. could win with less than the 40,000 additional troops requested by McChrystal, McCain said, "I do not. And I think the great danger now is not an American pullout. I think the great danger now is a half measure sort of (to) try to please all ends of the political spectrum."

McCain said an approach such as the one attributed to Biden "would be the counter-terrorism strategy that we attempted in Iraq under (former Defense Secretary Donald) Rumsfeld and Gen. (George) Casey. It didn't succeed."

Referring to the big U.S. surge in Iraq that the U.S. ultimately undertook, McCain said, "The strategy that was developed by Gen. Petraeus in particular, but also with Gen. McChrystal as his strong right arm, did succeed there."

McCain also warned that failure to act soon would unsettle U.S. allies in the region "are beginning to get the impression that perhaps we are wavering, especially in light of the fact that the President announced that we did have a strategy."

McCain was referring to Obama's speech in March when he ordered a fresh infusion of troops to counter what he described as an "increasingly perilous" situation in Afghanistan.


I respect McCain he is a war veteran,very knowledgeable. I also think he lives/breathes war, again my opinion, for what it is worth

rosco 357

gypsy wrote:I respect McCain he is a war veteran,very knowledgeable. I also think he lives/breathes war, again my opinion, for what it is worth

i dont understand ur remark macain lives and breaths war, i would say macain of all ppl hates war. what he is trying to do is speak to the administration as to not do half measures that will loose lives and eventually loose Afghanistan to the terroist, just say it no matter what the terrorist do, u dont want to defend the country there, u cant have it both ways, u either defend against the terrorist, or turn over Afghanistan and then possibly pakistan may fall, and they have nukes, can u imagine the al queda and taliban with nukes, if Afghanistan falls the whole region will become unstable as has been reported.. i have stated my thoughts on what will happen if we pull out or loose in Afghanistan, PLEASE tell me what it would mean IN YOUR OPINION for us to just pull out of Afghanistan. what would happen? what would the taliban and al queda do.. this has to be a no brainer, just tell us what would happen with no stong american presence in Afghanistan, explain if one day they wake up and we are not there..


My opinion, Can us being in Afghanistan stop the terrorists?
eight years we are still fighting them,I have to say, I want it both ways,stop the terrorist but phase out. Can we stop terrorism? if the answer is to *Stay The Course* a famous quote lol! and win then yes,but we can't definitely say we can. until we can, I wish we weren't there.


Rosco, any sensible person knows we must bump up the troops to end this war. Obama's delay is doing nothing but causing lost lives for the lack of proper man power and equipment..

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