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1 Lies and thievery: on Fri Oct 09, 2009 2:37 pm


The bill now being considered in the Senate includes some revenue sources that are onerous. (All figures are for 10 years) Here's how Obamacare will "reduce" nat'l debt by $89 billion even though the plan will cost, according to the CBO, an additional $829 billion: Gut SSA expenditures by $500 billion. Tax insurance companies by $201 billion. Taxes and fees for medical device manufacturers and drug companies, $180 billion. The Dems are calling the taxes a "windfall tax". Oh yeah? Well guess who will pay that tax. The middle class. The insurance companies and drug companies can't print money like the government can so they will simply pass those taxes right back to the government when it comes time for the Obamacare system and insurers to pay the bills for the drugs, and then right back to the insured when they pay their premiums. The Dems are calling this a "windfall tax". The profit margins of the top 3 med. insurers according to IRS returns (as stated by Stuart Varney) are less than 5% That's half the corporate average. What windfall? Also, 23 million Americans will still be uninsured and will continue to go to the emergency room. The result? The poor and low wage earners don't pay taxes. The wealthy do,but those taxes are capped at 39% So.....Obama lied when he said his plan would not tax the middle class. After robbing the elderly and disabled, the Dems will rob the middle class to pay for a healthcare system the American people don't want.. The devil is in the details? You betcha.

2 Re: Lies and thievery: on Fri Oct 09, 2009 3:28 pm


I disagree, Moon.
I assume this is your opinion? or fact?
we shall see when the bill is passed~ we will not know the outcome of it all till it is.
I feel we need something passed for those who can't afford medical help.
We have just experienced another major hospital medical bill, an if we had to out of pocket pay for this it would be a hardship. Can you imagine the poor people that have these hardships,yes they can go to the emergency room,but I am talking long term,for getting someone well,surgeries, different treatments,the cost is astronomical ,the .uninsured for reasons I cannot understand, who die that are not blessed with ability to get insurance,if this can be alleviated then it is time for this to happen..

3 Re: Lies and thievery: on Fri Oct 09, 2009 3:50 pm


Moon there are some worse figures out there some already approved in portions of the bill, medical instruments will have taxes sky rocket, these will include hip replacement hardware, heart instruments such as pace makers, diabetic supplies, all these will suffer massive increases which among many other services will only be passed on to the people needing them , IF they are approved for use in the first place.

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