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1 Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue." on Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:01 pm

rosco 357

Palin cover unveiled
By HILLEL ITALIE, AP National Writer Hillel Italie, Ap National Writer Fri Oct 2, 7:12 am ET

NEW YORK You know the title, now see the cover of Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue."

The former Alaska governor's memoir, a top-seller online weeks before publication, will feature an outdoor shot of Palin, wearing an American flag pin on her red fleece top, eyes turned slightly from the camera as she smiles confidently into the horizon, a patchwork of Alaska blue sky and clouds behind her.

The image was released Thursday by Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins.

The book, originally planned for next spring, is coming out Nov. 17 with an announced first printing of 1.5 million copies. Palin and collaborator Lynn Vincent finished "Going Rogue" just two months after Palin's resignation as governor.

2 Re: Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue." on Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:59 pm


Nice head.

3 Re: Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue." on Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:42 pm


I can't wait to read her book..

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