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rosco 357

well i have 2 one was in basic training FT Polk LA. a person cashing a personnel check at the PX had to have our company co who had the rank of captain endorse the check,.but he was hardly ever around .well i had his name on paper so for a select few i could trust, i would put their check under his name on that paper and go over it and make an imprint of his name in the check , then i would with pen follow the imprint forging his name, i was young, actually the co and ppl that were in command of my basic training unit in the army at ft polk LA , they were so stupid i dont think he would even remember if he signed it are not. but as i think back that would have landed me in big trouble,i imagine a felony and Court Marshall but i never thought anything about it.

#2.. man after columbine this now would never happen.. fresh out of basic and layed off and my 2 friends layed off, and had been in my basic training unit, i decided i would take a couple of months off and draw sui. then hunt a job, well it was october by then, we decided to go to the lake for a few days and we bought steaks and cooked out, but it was kinda cool for the lake to swim. one morning we got up and went to the store and bought a note book and pen, and went to the local highschool. we walked in like we owned the place straight to the principals office, this was in 1971 i was 20 ,, we told the principle we were University of Alabama students and were writing a research paper on the difference between rural schools ( which that school was) compaired to urban schools. they never asked to see any ID. by the way i knew a girl that was a senior there.. the principal took us to a class and told the teacher to let u sit in on some classes, we got up in front of the class and asked questions, i still remember what i asked, why did so many ppl on the class roll have alot of ppl with the same last name? that we did not encounter that in urban schools. they even took us to the lunch room at lunch time and we got a free meal, we stayed all day going from class to class, when we were leaving i saw the girl i knew looking out the window,and i waved.
in the days to come from her the story got around the school.. one coach that had a study hall even apologized for the paper in the floor, and he made some fun as he was from auburn, just think today with ppl going into schools what would happen now,, silly i know but we had a ball, i have never set foot in the university of alabama.. take care..


I would say its when I was about 23 years old I had a Suzuki Motorcycle 550 (the engine had been modified to go faster than normal 550's), it was one of those racing style body's with the low handlebars so when you're riding it you're hunched over in a racing style position. One day I was really drunk and I took the bike out to a road I knew I could open it up full speed, I did about 100 I guess before I let up on the throttle, it was very scary and a thrill, but one mistake could have been disastrous. I kept the bike under control obviously or I wouldn't be here now.


craziest thing I ever did,16 years old. was drag race with other guy's an girls in my Boyfriends(hubby)now},car. It was a 56 belaire an man could that car get it. I won!!
here is what it looked like except it was that new pea green with fender skirts.

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