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1 Clearly Malicious on Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:15 am

rosco 357

this link just popped up when i went to scan using avast so i clicked read it , it was from the anti virus i run, just thought it may help someone , but probably not,

News at avast
Clearly Malicious
Malware is getting more malicious, with a new round of bogus advertisements attempting to defraud or infect hitting well-known web sites like the New York Times.
Avast recognized the new threat from the beginning, according to the NYTimes “Gadgetwise” blog. Bogus ads on the NYTimes were flagged by avast running on the journalist’s own computer.
The newest attacks show how the battleground for computer security has shifted from email to the internet, with around 80 percent of all new infections now originating via the internet.
To remain protected, pay attention to avast warnings. If avast blocks access to your favorite sites, trust us - there is a reason.

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