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26 Re: Acorn on Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:55 pm

rosco 357

SSC wrote: she and hubby have split..Now is your chance Tyler..

GEEE and better yet i bet she has a great blue cross, plan, oh wait she is canadian, so u can be on that plan, lol, just make sure the wedding is close so we all can come,gypsy can be the flower girl,, lol take care, good to see it was not a split with mud slinging as so many are, take care,,

27 Re: Acorn on Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:58 pm


hahaah flower girl, i am past the girl stage lol!

28 Re: Acorn on Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:26 am


SSC wrote:I am surprised you are not making your move on Avril as she and hubby have split..Now is your chance Tyler..
Who says I'm not making my moves already?? I am! She'll probably call me back in the next few days so I can address my strategy to her as to how we can make it, why it will work! but I really need that call back to make it happen. . I know its my chance in life, I have to act now and grasp the opportunity, the "love of my life" kinda thing, no time to waste. I have to try and think intelligently (if I can), and work this equation out, figure out how I can be in Avril's circles, be with who shes around,,etc.. things can get complex, and I have to be ready (money able to get things done), I want to be her boyfriend. yes thats for sure, but I have to play my cards right, it "complicated" the song goes...

I thought maybe I could talk Moon into driving me to LA in his hot car it might be 'cool' to be seen in it, be good for the "image". Hot car is always a plus. if not I'll take a plane, either way, I'm going.

29 Re: Acorn on Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:50 am

rosco 357

well tyler an old friend of mine that took a at&t early retirement, took a job as one of the temptations road managers, but i doubt he has any pull, unless avril does motown..lmao seriously, as we all got out of basic training, and AIT , he worked at the showboat nite club here as manager, so he got to meet alot of groups, he was real close to the TAMS, that may have connection with the temptations,so that may factor in, but he is seeing the world , tokyo, amsterdam . i asked did he see u know who, lol, teasing, i called him one nite and he was in marc's area , he was in charleston, he has such a good looking girl friend who had breast cancer , i dont see how he leaves her. but he has always been carried away with band and groups, one group the tikis were playing in biloxi ,we all stayed in the hylton while picking some one up at the hospital that got hurt at camp shelby, anyway, the band was playing there, and was sending us free drinks , i dont drink but i did that nite , salty dogs , they must have been weak the salt dryed out my lips, i forgot if it was a salty dog or what i said with vodka, and the waitress said u must be from alabama, i think they ordinarily come with gin and i may have the wrong drink, but i never felt anything, ok i will hush, lol

30 Re: Acorn on Sat Sep 19, 2009 1:11 am


Wow! rosco had a drink!!, that's the "top news of the day" for this forum!!..lmao

Good post rosco, thanks for sharing..

31 Re: Acorn on Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:52 am

rosco 357

oh we had fun times in the army, and later nat guard, thats where camp shelby came in, ft polk i was assigned to the army.for basic and AIT, which as i have said was light weapons 50 cal, on down to bayonet, had to qualify on then all, c-4 , claymore mines, m 60 machine gun, m 14, m16 and m-79 grenade launcher, m 203 grenade launcher, and regular hand grenades, i actually enjoyed it as i always have loved guns, of all types, my nephews are buying guns like they are going out of style, lol, i probably told u, but some one my sister cleaned their teeth had a gun store,he told my sister, the gun ppl are keeping this gun scare going because they have never sold so many guns, and making a ton, russ fingold the dem senator, said no gun law will ever pass the senate, when he had his town hall, they know that would be a kiss of death in an election for most all of them except the ones from supper liberal districts or states, obama has bit off alot to chew, and the 2010 elections may change alot, of things,

32 Re: Acorn Today at 1:25 am

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