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...and irrelevant. All my life I've heard how a Cheeteah can go 70 mph. A few nights ago, I saw on a doc in which it was said that they can go 80 mph. I never believed it. In class,we calculated for a Cheetah,given it's average leg length and range of motion, would have to swing it's legs through an arc so rapidly, the centrifugal force engendered would dislocate it's knee joints. Ahem. We are vindicated. According to Yahoo News, a cheetah just broke the land speed record for a mammal in a 100 yard sprint at 6.16 seconds. That's 40 mph. Since the Cheetah reaches it's max velocity in 2 1/2 strides,one can use that figure as it's maximum speed. However,it is true that pigs can fly and have been observed bombing Hormel plants in Kansas.


LMAO... I saw the cheetah run on tv.
Many many years ago I swore I saw pigs flying over the pink elephants.

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