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1 obama on Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:17 am



stay in school. Somehow, conservative talk radio is objecting to this great idea and apparently thousands of people are foolish enough to listen to them and agree.
They're calling their schools and objecting to the children of the United States hearing from the President of the United States.


Here's the thing. President Obama won the election; like it or not, he's our leader. And he's going to lead next week by urging children to take education seriously. What can be wrong with that? In a word, nothing.

Millions of young Americans are inspired by Obama's biography; the bright son of a single mom, he worked hard, went to the best colleges, and became president of the United States. He is living proof that The American Dream is still possible. Obama's life story, along with his status as the leader of our country, will give his words great weight with students.

Millions of our African-American students will look at the television and see a face that looks like theirs saying, "School is a good place that can make your life better. Look, here I am. It worked for me. It can work for you too. Study hard, do your best." Some will be inspired to try in school, maybe for the first time, by Barack Obama's speech.

A real conservative would be thrilled. Let's say just 10,000 white, black and Latino children across America who would otherwise lead a troubled life respond to Obama's words by staying in school and leading a productive life. Those children won't ever need public assistance, they won't commit a crime, and they won't cost the taxpayers millions by going to jail. And, instead of draining the public coffers, they will help fill them by paying taxes. The country is safer and taxes are lower. Isn't that Conservative Heaven?

That's what will happen. I can't predict the number of children it will affect, but Obama's speech will be a life changing event for some students. This speech to school children will do a great deal of good.

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