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1 NatLamp Encyclopedia: on Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:37 am


ALPHONSE De ALPHONSE De Portugal: (1403-14 ??) First Duke of Aquitane. Noting his family relationship to Prince Henry III (The Navigator) of Portugal, he was sent on a mission of discovery to "find and claim foreign lands for God and the Kingdom of Portugal" in 1430. He returned 38 years later,after spending a vast sum of Catholic funds, reporting a people "happy and fecund, a land rich in streams and fisheries, and a faith not unlike our own". He was immediately knighted and granted a position at court. However, this was rescinded when further debriefing revealed that the land he discovered was Portugal and the people he described were the Portugese themselves. He died in obscurity some years later when he became lost on the way home from a tavern and fell in a drainage ditch.He was survived by 72 male heirs,all named Alphonse De Alphonse De Portugal

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