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rosco 357

MY Words : there is a very short vid on this that cannot embed, so hit the url, but its only 30 seconds ,

Cheney: Obama Should Not Undo Policies That Kept Country Safe

Former Vice President Dick Cheney discusses the CIA investigation on "FOX News Sunday." The full interview airs this weekend.


My opinions: When 9/11 ocurred, the rightwingnuts immediately blamed it on Clinton and the leftwingnuts immediately blamed it ob Bush. It was neither. Planes had been hi-jacked before but there was never any hint that a group of 12 people would hi-jack 4 passenger jets and fly them into destruction; killing thousands. It was a CIA/FBI failure. There had been rumors of such planning for years that were ignored. Mired in beuracracy and buck-passing, nothing was followed up. Bush and Cheney stopped that and got the job done. Now the left are in power and are idiotically pursuing political agendas. Clinton needed a bag-man to engineer his bribery scheme with Mark Rich so he reached low and got the shill who is now our AG. Obama needed a flunky and got the same rodent. Why? Simple. Obama knows this "torture" crap will convict no one of anything and is a waste of time and money,but he has to toss bones to the idiots on the far left. Holder,a man who will do anything, is the perfect answer. Obama is Holder's boss so any notion he isn't acting on direct orders from Obama is naieve nonsense.Is Obama desparately trying to divert attention from his failing healthcare plans? Of course.


Of course Obama is throwing up smoke screens , his health care package is in deep trouble, now Kennedy will be made a martyr and using his name they will pull the sympathy card.
To reduce and confuse national security is a fools game, he seems to be getting pretty good at playing.
It seems he wants to be his own worst enemy, I certainly am not impressed with his lack of concentration and completing one task at a time, he is flying all over from project to project and getting nowhere, but pissing off people .


I disagree// nothing in depth, just a disagreement.we shall wait an see..

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