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1 Some more myths and lies..... on Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:32 am


Guest Obama. I just heard our dear leader say "...we don't want to change Medicare, it is a ssystem that works". An outrageous lie. Obama wants to cut Medicare spending,over the next 10 years, by 622 billion dollars. That's not changing Medicare? He wants to end "Medicare Advantage", a program that allows seniors to buy their own medical coverage instead of part "A" and "B". 10.3 million Americans get this though it may cost a little more. It's a matter of choice. Depending on individual circumstances,it can result in better coverage,as millions have discovered. "The economy is recovering, the stimulus plan worked". Another outrageous lie. If only 15% of stimulus money has been spent or allocated, how could that (measly?) $120 or so have fixed a multi-trillion dollar economy? It didn't hurt,but it helped little. The economy,cyclic as ever,is in self recovery as it has found itself many,many times in history.As I opined before,the stimulus package was simply a Demo effort and scam to corral billions of taxpayer's money to fund whatever piece of social lefgislation Pelosi and crew wanted to foist off on the American people. (cont'd)>>>>>

2 Some more admin myths and lies (cont'd) on Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:44 am


The hell you say! Yep. Don't believe it? Calls for returning the remaining stimulus funds to the taxpayer will be ignored while Obama guts Medicare. Watch, the reasoning will go like this: Well, now we can afford universal healthcare!!! We gots all this here money!Magic! The trillion dollar wand has been waved! I was wrong when I previously said Obama didn't have one. He has a magic wand alright, and he and Pelosi stole it from you.

3 Re: Some more myths and lies..... on Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:38 pm


I heard what you heard then I read the opposite, this is turning into a cluster F for sure, now comes the diversions
CIA investigation ..again
Pass this for Ted...sympathy getter
Peace talks with the Mid-East..again
And the icing ABC and NBC are refusing to run anti health care commercials...Who is playing politics now ??? Wonder how much that is costing the DEMs ??

4 Re: Some more myths and lies..... on Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:40 am


The ad in question featured Dr. Mark J. Cuffe, M.D. (a neurosurgeopn) in which his first line is "How can Obama's plan cover 50 million new patients when we don't have enough doctors now?" This inescapable,simple,compelling logic is unacceptible to universal healthcare proponents. ABC has banned the ad but now says they will run it with "modifications". They sure as hell don't hesitate to,and often do, run the ads in which the couple express relief and satisfaction that Congress is "finally doing something about healthcare". Jeezus H. Christ. Anyone who can't see this graffiti splattered on the wall is blind and or stupid. When the entire Democratic party, major insurance and drug companies, Acorn, the masjor news media (except FOX), etc. are beating the same drum, watch out! When the AARP is strangely noncommital in the face of such drastic cutbacks in senior healthcare funds, something is wrong. The plain obvious truth is that the American people oppose universal healthcare (socialized medicine) and have clearly said so. How happy should the American people be if this monstrosity is forced down the taxpayer's throat? If that happens,we'll find out next November.

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