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1 Kennedy Video on Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:31 pm



2 Re: Kennedy Video on Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:38 pm

rosco 357

well i learned something, i did not remember at all of ted kennedys plane crash which broke his back, it was a good vidio, on another note, i remember i was off work when i think his name was william kennedy smith, and was accused and stood trial for rape i believe was the charge, i was off work and just thought im going to watch all of this trial as if i was on the jury, no one can be positive,, i took in all the trial which i am a bit fuzzy on the girls friends, and what part they played, but he claimed best i remember they made out on the beach , not sure if there was consensual sex,, but all her testimony was totally took apart by forensics , and other things, i think they used LEE the famous forensic expert, the oriental guy i know u have seen, for one thing she said she was raped at a certain place on the lawn, if so it would have been right under the grandmothers window and she was there. in there south florida atlantic coast home,the home had no air conditioning. they had the windows open,i imagine the reason is with the ocean breeze they just did not need aircondioning, LEE found no grass stains of anykind on her clothing,which a grass rape there should have been grass and stains on her dress but LEE did find sand in the seams of her dress , anyway when it was over i thought no way I could have found him guilty, i think he had another person claimed he raped them but it was not allowed in the trial idont think, but also the girl had a past abortion and that was not allowed in the trial, anyway the jury made short work and came back as not guilty,and i agreed because the forensics did not match her story in anyway, there was more forensics but i cant remember.

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