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51 Re: Stop distorting Canada’s system on Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:04 pm


Here's your problem Moon, as I see it, You're afraid of losing what you have, your health care and SS benefits. I believe you already stated this in another post, your feelings about looking out for yourself and admitting you were selfish, etc.. And you want things to stay the same as long as your alive, no changes while you're still here, that's your main concern, as long as your covered forget about "everyone else" kind of mentality. Fine, look out for yourself, that's human instinct, however, I will do what is in my best interest also, and quite frankly, and consequently its a noble act, I want health care for everyone, not just me. I think it is the right thing for everyone. You're afraid of losing what you have so you jump away from any possible changes, Thats how I see it.

But you go do what you do, and protect your interests, its obvious that's what you're doing. Think about yourself, what will effect you. That's Ok, and I understand it.

Now don't fly off the handle becuase I am being straight forward, stay calm headed if you can. :)

52 Re: Stop distorting Canada’s system on Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:58 pm


I'm always calm (when I;m sober). Yes,it is a noble endeavor to provide healthcare for everyone and I'm not afraid of it,as I stated. I don't oppose "any" changes and don't oppose healthcare reform. But you and other supporters of Obamacare simply refuse to answer and apparantly even consider questions about Obamacare that have been asked. So I will keep asking them. Just saying "We want universal healthcare" isn't good enough. There are no magic wands to be waved. Unfortunately for you and Obamacare supporters, you are outnumbered by those who already have insurance of some kind and don't want universal healthcare. That is a hard reality. England and especially Canada are fine examples of universal healthcare. Long waits and procedures denied. Substituting bad healthcare for everyone to provide healthcare for a small minority who don't qualify for Medicare/Medicaid is simply unacceptible to the American people. I actually don't give a shit one way or the other(now,anyway) but I'm not gonna pretend that the wishes of the majority should be ignored in order to pursue "noble causes". I am convinced universal healthcare is a huge mistake.

53 Re: Stop distorting Canada’s system on Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:06 pm


runawayhorses wrote:
meemoon wrote:Henceforward,whenever you make a statement I disagree with,should I characterize your statement as ridiculous?
If you think it is, go for it, it won't hurt my feelings.
OK, I will. I am not afraid of universal healthcare and clearly stated that I have opted out of part B coverage,rarely feel a need to see a doctor,and will just pay the doctor's bill if I do. Your statement that I am afraid of universal care was ridiculous.

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