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1 Susan Boyle visited the 'Today' show... on Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:26 pm


AOL susan-boyle News

Newly glammed up Susan Boyle visited the 'Today' show for the first time since her amazing run on 'Britain's Got Talent,' telling Meredith Vieira she's "having a wonderful time" being so famous.
"You look gorgeous," Vieira told Boyle, who is sporting a new 'do, a purple dress, subtle makeup and trimmed eyebrows. Boyle thanked her, remarking "I brush up quite well."

Boyle said the impact on her life after reaching fame so quickly was "a lot like a giant demolition ball."
"Anyone who has that kind of impact finds it really hard to get a head around it. I've got to be honest here. I guess I had to get my head around it, but through the guidance of a great team -- and they are very good -- I was able to see that in perspective and really turn that around a little."
Boyle, who came in second in the competition, was at a loss for words on how to describe her success.
"It's just been unbelievable; itís indescribable," she said. "Being plucked from obscurity is a bit like going on a long journey, really; you donít know whatís going to happen. You donít know how itís going to end."
"Are you having a good time?" Vieira asked.
"I'm having a wonderful time," Boyle said. "I don't want it to end. Itís just incredible. It's indescribable, really."

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loved it, when she said> I brush up pretty good, she is a witty lady`
Oh what a voice~ I love it that she is a star

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rosco 357

yes i had saw that vid before i came on the forum here. i knew she let the stress get to her, so its good to see her doing so well and making a record album , i hope she makes lots of money. so many ppl out there that are not as nice a person as she is, i for some reason think she may not have a long career but i may be wrong SO i hope she gets all she can while she can. i am also on a different thing, and it will take a while to find this out. as to how the am idol pll do in careers, this years ppl were far ahead of some winners in years past...its been in the news at least a few weeks ago, the top demand for concert tickets is the American Idol tour, as i think the top 10 or 12 or whatever go on a tour, i forget how long..
i think adam lambert probably did not win because he was gay,,, but kris was good, and the young teenagers voted for him but even though he won he was no adam lambert, adam is the best i have ever seen on idol or anywhere really, , carrie underwood is a hugh star but its because she is pretty and country., the professional ppl idol had on could not even hold a candle to what adam could do with a song, he could do it all, sing anyway he wanted, hit notes that just left the judges shaking there heads, simon cowell especially in the last 4 weeks only praise him, which with simon is unusual . when on disco week, he did Did, " if i cant have u " off the sat nite fever sound track but he change it to a slow ballad type song, it was one of the best songs i have heard, then he did weeks later , U2 the song "ONE , aerosmith song "crying", led zeppelin . and even a sam cook song,"change is gonna come" which was chose for simon Fuller who created american idol , fuller not cowell,.. anyway the group Queen has already offered him a place in there band, but i would image he will not take it,

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