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rosco 357

American Flag Burned Outside Dallas Home, Again
J.D. Miles
DALLAS (CBS 11 / TXA 21) ―

A north Dallas neighborhood is up in arms after another attack on the American flag has reignited anger among residents. The incident happened at Preston Valley Villas off of Spring Valley Road.

Two weeks ago, a homeowner came home to find his American flag in ashes on his front yard. Last night, it happened again.

Preston Valley Villas has become a noticeably patriotic neighborhood. But some of the American flags are now flying as a message to whoever is burning them. "It's kind of an 'in your face' type of situation," said resident Bill Sendelback. "If people are going around burning the flag, I'm not about to take mine down."

Sendelback does not plan to remove his flag, even though someone set fire to one outside of Ed Jordan's townhome for the second time in two weeks.

"It makes me sick to think about anybody having that sort of disrespect," said Jordan. "Soon as I looked at it and touched it, I could tell it had been burning."

Jordan's first burned flag got the attention of an Iraq war veteran, who donated a special flag just days later. That flag flew over a base. Fortunately, neighbors said that was not the flag that was flying Sunday night, which is now ashes.

Another resident who was victimized has yet to replace her damaged flag.

According to witnesses, skateboarders were heard in a nearby alley around the time that the flag was burned. Whether the incident is a prank or a political statement remains unclear.

The crime has residents warning whoever is responsible that they better hope police find them first.

The vandalism is the second controversy involving the American flag in North Texas this year. In May, an employee of a Mansfield hospital was told she could not hang an American flag on her office wall. The hospital eventually relented and let her re-hang the flag.


that is a sick bunch of vandals.
surely it isn't kids doing this!

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