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1 HELP WITH MUSIC VIDS, on Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:13 pm

rosco 357

HEY everyone i dont know if yall have done this. if when u click a previously working music vid and now it will not work. i would pm tyler to take care of it, as only he could do, SO lol, what im asking when u get time check any song u posted or if ur just listening to music. when u click the song name, it will show a vid pic and arrow, but when u click the arrow, it will mainly give u 3 reasons it will not play, one is it was pulled due to " terms of service," another is warners as u know has pulled all it music off utube, , so i think it says ," no longer available due to WMG" or word to that effect, and third, whoever posted it to utube can pull their posted song off utube, and it will tell u that, SO if u have time check ur music vids, or if ur just listening and come across one, please note the page its on and the name of the song and artist, and pm me the info and i will delete the no longer available music vidio and if there is any posted replys to the song , i will delete that also, since there will no music vid there anylonger, many of mine have gone this way, so please its no hurry but i cant hardly go thru all the songs, and this is a ongoing thing , especially since ppl pull there own songs off utube, so they no longer will play here, just pm me the page and song name, i will probably do this on weekends but anytime pm me and i will write it down if i dont have time at the moment, thanks, just keeping the vid sight clean, and current,,that goes for any other vid topic place, so i will need all info on that, thanks Rosco

2 Re: HELP WITH MUSIC VIDS, on Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:07 pm


I have been doing that when i find some(music videos) that have been pulled~ will continue to .

3 Re: HELP WITH MUSIC VIDS, on Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:15 pm

rosco 357

ok just send the page and title of the song and artist to me rather than tyler, i may keep on doing this, we will just see how it goes later, not sure yet..thanks i found a few and u have some not from utube but some other place all i got was a white screen i did not delete, see if they play for u, if not i can delete them, i think first page but not sure, again thanks rosco

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