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1 Our new Messiah. on Thu Jun 04, 2009 8:12 pm


All this dreaming,fawning,ass kissing and lying tickles me. Obama says there must be an Israel AND a Palestine. The audience applauds loudly. ABC interveiews an Egyptian on the street and he sez "Obama says there must be a Palestinian state and that is good." Obamalites say "a two state solution must be tried". Wonderful. Actually,that,in my opinion, is the only solution. But the ignorant Arabs, the forever clueless liberals, and the fawning ass kissing media have forgotten something. At the Camp David accords, Israel and PA Pres, Yassar Arafat, had agreed to exactly that. Israel agreed to a two state solution years ago. Israel also agreed to return 94% of land taken in 1967. Hands were shaken and pics were made. Once again, Israel made huge concessions to reach peace. So what happened? Arafat stormed outta the meetings and refused to sign the agreement over whether or not Israel would abandon Jerusalum. Funny how when Obama says there must be a Palestine,that is good. But when Israel is willing and ready to agree to exactly that, it ain't good enough. Now all this is documented history,here are some opinions: There will never be peace in Israel as long as the "palestinians" are alive. Why do I believe that? Because every statement made by anyone of any note who is a palestinian has said so. Their common daily greeting to each other is "To the sea". It used to be "Jews to the sea" but they changed that for obvious reasons. The palestinians have become very good at PR. They attend the dog and pony shows,collect their billions in foreign aid, and plan murder. They practice daily by lobbing missiles into Israel. Yeah, the Israelis are stubborn alright. They stubbornly,for some reason,refuse to wipe these whirling dirtbags out like the useless rabble they are. Obama has abandoned Israel. His protestations that Israel is our firm ally are as credible as the palestinian's expressed desire for a "two state solution". They do NOT want two states. They want ONE. Palestine. The Jews are to be exterminated or driven into the sea. That's what they tell esch other every day,and I believe them.

2 Re: Our new Messiah. on Fri Jun 05, 2009 12:14 am

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