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1 More proof. on Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:00 am


I have said and continue to say that computers are slowly (?) replacing brains and we are becoming stupider as a nation. My Yahoo home page headlined "GM's worst cars" this morning. Their first entry in this piece of stupidity from the Yahoo brilliantata? The Corvair. "Brought out in the early 1960s, the Corvair was designed to compete against sporty European cars that were making inroads with American drivers. Its innovative rear-engined design was supposed to give it sporty handling." (Absolute 100% bullshit. The Corvair was introduced to compete with the only other popular rear engined,air cooled car, the VW beetle. But the Beetle's handling characteristics are never mentioned since the handling of pure economy cars,like the beetle and the Corvair,is not a selling point. And there lies my point. What idiot wrote this article stating the Corvair was intended as a "sporty" car? Some sport features were added AFTER buyers complained the car was too stodgy and slow.Innovative? The suspension system had been around since 1939, was present in 10's of millions of european cars, and was "tried and true". It was used in the VW Beetle, all Porsches, and the Renault Dauphine)

"In early versions, though, the Corvair's rear suspension design seemed unsuited to the job. The car had dangerously dicey handling in turns." (Unsuited for the job? Really? My first car was a Corvair and yes,they were tricky as hell, BUT, they had the very same single element, swing axle rear suspension as the VW beetle; the most popular automobile ever produced in automotrive history. Yep. Even outsold the Model T. So how was that system "unsuited" for cars? Idiotic trash commentary based on uninformed opinion and now supported by internet myth making.)

"Consumer advocate Ralph Nader featured the Corvair in part of his famous book "Unsafe at Any Speed." which pilloried the U.S. auto industry for emphasizing design over safety." (Nader, an ego-maniacal asshole, had some documents indicating that GM was aware of the Corvair's handling characteristics but chose to discount the negative test results. And why? Because it had the same suspension as the most popular car in the world,the beetle, and the Corvair was marketed and designed as an ECONOMY car not a good handler. Unsafe? Later statistics proved that the Corvair was no more prone to driver induced accidents than ANY OTHER CAR. Should the dolts at Yahoo be aware of this? How could they be? They've never read anything that didn't appear on their magic screens and facts enjoy little popularity on the internet.The truth is dull.)

"GM ultimately improved the Corvair's suspension design, which was a good move. What wasn't so good: hiring private investigators to dig up dirt on Nader. Nader noticed the stalkers, of course, forcing executives to publicly apologize and making GM look all the worse. [Good job,Nader. You will always be known on the net as a crusading consumer advovate by major news sources like Yahoo news. You will never be referred to as a nut-job desparate for success as an author and the accompamying notoriety, a liar willing to skew the facts, and the crazy messianic pain-in-the-ass you are. The juicy irony? Nader, a liberal and internet "darling", still rears his ugly,crazy head every now and then to run for president and provide a place on various ballots for the imbecile/nut vote. BTW, Bill Clinton was the best president we ever had; Bush was a deserter, and Obama is going to save our economy. Power to the PC! Bring on the robots! I want one that fucks!]

2 Re: More proof. on Sun Jun 07, 2009 4:46 pm


Now, if you want to live in the past, that's your beef, but I'm all for computers taking over our brains!! lmao

At least this way we can get fresh "updates"...

Our "computers" are much like our brains, they compile information and process it.

I know, I know, I know...whatever...

3 Re: More proof. on Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:01 pm

rosco 357

runawayhorses wrote:Now, if you want to live in the past, that's your beef, but I'm all for computers taking over our brains!! lmao

At least this way we can get fresh "updates"...

Our "computers" are much like our brains, they compile information and process it.

I know, I know, I know...whatever...

yes but tyler look how many encyclopedia salesmen were layed off, lol, teasing, i remember our 2nd computer as the first was doss operated, no hardrive, but it was what my x was using at work, it would runs a word processor, and spread sheet, i got it for the kids one christmas, we had some game on it, later out first pentium a p5 120mhz gateway and aol charged by the time u were online, then in a month aol went to the one price thing, so 12 and half years ago we got on, some i talked to that had been on the pay per hour aol said there bills would be over 200 bucks a month, but with the pc, u got the encyclopedia disk, i thought that was so great, never knowing all the info in the world u probably would need would be on the internet one day. as i have said it makes me feel old to know in college, my computer class was huge machines that used the key punch cards, i rememeber our utility bill was on them i think. that doss computer, ran at 10 mhz and it was out dated as the 286 processor i think was out but over 2000 bucks, i got the 8086 i think it was processor, and it was like 15 hundred, one thing i will not do it talk to a machine, i make it give me a real person, it gives that person a job. well i probably have said this before, so i will hush, all i can see is the pc has taken over me having a news paper put in my news paper box by the mail box at the street, i keep it to protect my mail box from a baseball bat slamming it about once every 3 years, lol, oh i dont think i said this or maybe i did , i was researching my pistols, i have 4, one the colt cobra, was not made since 85 it was heavy frame aluminum alloy 16 ounce, the detective i have is the exact same but like 28 oz, u cant tell them appart, but jack ruby killed oswald with a colt cobra, that pistol was released and sold for 220,000 bucks to a new jersey man, and my charter arms undercover was the pistol that killed john lennon. i thought my colts would have gone way up in price since colt only makes military guns i think now, but it has not gone up that much, doubled plus a bit more is all, i researched all my dads world war II souvenirs. online, it has pics of every thing i have, jap money, jap rifle, they let them have them and sent them home for them from the pacific islands, i know i could spend days in a library looking and my not find the detail i found here on google in less than an half an hour... and i still email ppl from 12 and a half years ago from aol chat rooms,

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