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rosco 357

MY WORD well i did not watch the show not sure u can here, but susan Boyle on "Britians got tallent," with simon cowell she came in second to a dance team, u can see her sing her last song and the judges comments, simon was different in this than american idol, i wish she had won, i was not that impressed with the dance team which was young ppl and alot of them, anyway like i said to see her last song ,"I Dream a Dream" do this url,I think u will like it, she has had a hard time with all this..
BRITAIN'S Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle was in the Priory clinic last night suffering from exhaustion.

The singer, dubbed SuBo, had an "emotional breakdown" following Saturday's final in which she was runner-up.

Boyle-mania has swept the country since the Scot stunned the judges with her performance of I Dream A Dream seven weeks ago.

And Prime Minister Gordon Brown has now lent the drained star his support, revealing to GMTV this morning that he phoned Simon Cowell last night to check on her condition.

He said: "I hope Susan Boyle is OK because she is a really, really nice person and I think she will do well.

"I spoke to Simon Cowell last night and to Piers Morgan and wanted to be sure that she was OK."

The 48-year-old virgin, tipped to earn 8MILLION, survived tears and a tantrum to finish second in Saturday's gripping final of telly's Britain's Got Talent.

But the pressure finally told late yesterday as the Scots singer - dubbed SuBo by fans - was rushed to the private clinic suffering from exhaustion.

Show aides had contacted police to say she was acting strangely at her London hotel.

Message ... neighbours get set for Susan's return

Message ... neighbours get set for Susan's return

Mark Ferguson

Paramedics helped the "spaced-out" star through the lobby and into an ambulance just after 6pm.

A Met Police Inspector and a police doctor were called to assist. The ambulance, tailed by a police car, then took her to the Priory in Southgate, North London.

A source at the hotel said last night: "She'd been at the hotel for a few days, but since Saturday's final had been acting strangely, causing a bit of a stir.


"The staff were concerned - something wasn't right.

"When the paramedics and police arrived she agreed to go voluntarily. She didn't make a fuss. The paramedics calmly took her out through the main lobby and into the waiting ambulance.

"It was all done very calmly. They didn't want to stress or upset her. She didn't look well - she looked lost, not all there."

A source at the clinic said last night: "I was having a cigarette break when a whole load of ambulances arrived.

"Everyone was saying, 'Who's that'? Then I saw her and it was Susan Boyle. I was gobsmacked."

The singer, from Blackburn in West Lothian, has learning difficulties. The specialist clinic has 52 bedrooms and specialises in the treatment of mental health.

Piers told SunTalk's Jon Gaunt this morning that Susan had checked into the clinic because she was so exhausted.

He said: "Obviously we're concerned about Susan at the moment. I spoke to her yesterday and she's absolutely exhausted and just needs a good break.

"She's physically, mentally and emotionally drained. She'd been getting pressure from all over the world.

"I'm not sure what happened after the result was announced on Saturday. She was getting agitated about the amount of attention she was getting.

"No one forced her to take part but we've never ever had this reaction about a contestant before.

"When she gets better we'll her as she is again - a very feisty, funny lady."

Asked about a "Boyle backlash" that started last week when some viewers thought she didn't do as well in the semi final as she had in her audition, Piers admitted: "She did let herself down in the semi final but when she came back in the final she was absolutely stunning.

"American has gone crazy for her in the last two months. She will have a fantastic career there."

He also lashed out at members of the studio audience who had booed Susan during Saturday night's final, saying she didn't deserve that reaction at all.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Piers on SunTalk

A Britain's Got Talent spokeswoman said: "Following Saturday's show, Susan is exhausted and emotionally drained.

"She has been seen by her private GP, who supports her decision to take a few days out for rest and recovery. We offer her our ongoing support and wish her a speedy recovery."

A show source said: "It's very tough, Susan is emotionally drained - she gave it her all and is absolutely shattered.

"Simon Cowell spoke to her backstage on Saturday night and told her she had everything going for her - a record deal, an American tour. But it's up to her, she has to see what she wants.

"We do realise that we have a care of duty to look after her."

Favourite Susan, beaten by dance act Diversity, faced a backlash last week when she was ushered from her previous hotel by worried show bosses after a rant in a bar.

Simon Cowell ... record deal

Simon Cowell ... record deal


She was also spoken to by cops after arguing with her sister.

And The Sun can reveal the brave singer fled the final stage in tears after belting out I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables, the song that made her famous.

She had been booed by sections of the audience after show judge Piers Morgan made her his tip to win.

After leaving the spotlight, Susan sank into the arms of producers and buried her head in her hands before starting to cry.

Earlier, she had launched into a furious four-letter outburst when told her glittering stage costume had failed to arrive just 15 minutes before she was due to appear on stage.

The singer was made a floor-length silver gown for the event, but a source said: "I was in the dressing room when she came in with some production staff. She looked like she was about to explode and was swearing.

"Susan was wearing a red robe, and a girl from production was trying to calm her down by saying, 'Your dress will be here any moment'.

"That was what set her off. It was 15 minutes before the show, and she didn't have her dress. I guess that could push anyone over the edge. They ushered her into a room, but we could still hear her swearing like a trooper."

Yet Chiefs at SyCo - Cowell's division of Sony BMG - have big plans for Susan.

They are this week set to take her to America, where she is already a huge star and is due to score a Sony record deal.

Final chance ... Susan Boyle sings

Final chance ... Susan Boyle sings

Offers have been coming in thick and fast for the BGT phenomenon.

A string of US shows have been trying to lure SuBo as a guest and to get her to sing.

Experts reckon she could make up to 8million after selling the rights to her fairytale life story, as well as a book deal, record cash and further millions from image rights, product endorsements and TV appearances.

A Sony source said: "Susan is going to be huge - it doesn't matter in the slightest that she didn't win.

"We're going to look after her. Never mind the States, she's had offers from round the world." TV Simon said: "We've never had a runner-up like Susan before. She won over a lot of fans - not just with her voice, but with her graciousness. She's got a massive future."

Proud neighbours in Susan's Scottish home town were last night preparing to give her a hero's welcome - unaware of her admission to the Priory.

Brian Smith, 51, said: "I thought she was a certainty to win.

"She has put Blackburn on the map and is a winner to us.

"We are keeping up all the bunting and banners up until she gets back.

"I think we will throw her a massive party - she deserves it."

Michelle McCabe, 34, said: "I thought she would win hands down. She can come back with her head held high."


She is a fairy tale story, the woman has beautiful voice and will make it fine. The hype had overwhelmed her and at one time they didn't think she would even go to the finals.


Wish she had made number one, but her voice is Gold, she will do well.
she sure has a feisty mouth on her~ LOL

rosco 357

she will make big bucks, i think simon cowell is involved with her in a deal, she may have an american tour, but just have to see, that is the first time i have seen simon stand up and clap, but he acts different in Britain than he does here,


yes I agree~ on Simon acting different in America~:)

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