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1 question for anyone, lol on Sun Jun 01, 2008 4:07 pm

rosco 357

just wondering if anyone heard this, i hope i have my facts on this correct, i think aparently,i think from a book out , but not sure, if this is the source, some one, welll lets say for arguments sake, its is a book but i heard it on the radio, i guess the book is saying on days leading up to the invasion of iraq. that sadams gov, had striped out seats in boing 747 and 757s and made 56 round trips to syria. the author said it was wmd being transfered to syria, but one would think if this was the case , a good reporter would have picked up on this by now, unless this author has some real good intel, and i would think with the hits the administration is taking, it would put this info out there.. just something that was on a radio show, i believe, thought it might be worth a post,, take care,

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