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Woman checks old lottery ticket, wins $10 million

(CNN) -- Concerned about her family's finances, a university student in Australia cashed some long-forgotten lottery tickets this week -- hoping the money would help her parents.

She discovered their worries are over.

The university student won $10 million (A$13 million) -- and helped solve a lottery mystery that has made headlines in Western Australia for 10 months.

"People had been wondering for months, who is this mystery winner? Do they know about this ticket?" said Jodi Eastman, spokeswoman for Lotterywest, the state lottery.

"We have a 12 month expiry on lottery tickets. And people thought it might end up expiring and go unclaimed."

Love it, sweet day she was having.


Wow!! love it also~~that is wonderful she was about to run out of time~

rosco 357

tyler, when i first come online usually i check mail and i have aol as a member but hardly use it, but do use mail and when i sign on,and like i said i can dial up if cable goes out, i get the welcome screen with news, and i posted the same article about the lottery, i just noticed u did , so just delete mine, its in lounge ..

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