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1 I Love this Country on Mon May 25, 2009 8:44 pm


Of United states of America,

for those who accuse,, I don't! really don't have to state, but will..on how i love my country.

my freedom,to voice,to be able to question our government
after all it still belongs to *WE THE PEOPLE*(me) and you, all Americans

the last eight years has been almost the ruin of his great nation ,I want and need answers to all the discrepancies.One great man stated *We Will Overcome* we have..

But Now!! we must again unite together and work to gain back what this Nation stands for..
I want the evil booted from our leaders, and all prosecuted for what has transpired
more transparency,,it is our right. think back to all the things that happened in the last 8 years, the lies, the plots and deceit~corruption,,I want our pride to be restored~if your an American you must want this..I DO!!
I think all Americans do~God Bless America! and the World!

2 Re: I Love this Country on Mon May 25, 2009 9:01 pm


The last 8 years was an enviable (sp) circumstance, everything that transpired that George Bush was in charge of needed to happen. He has always done the right thing. I seriously believe that. I also think Obama is trying to do the right thing.

This country is suffering from bad decisions made by the general public not the government. For all practical purposes we ARE the government, and we need to quit pointing fingers and come to the realization we are all responsible, and not just the people we elect into office.

The war Bush started was right! The ending of it will be correct too, and as history would have it, the ending will be on Obama's watch, just as luck would have it I guess, but the reality is if Obama was in charge during Bushes time he probabaly would have done the same things.

3 Re: I Love this Country on Mon May 25, 2009 9:08 pm


I Disagree, but we are all entitled to our opinion, exactly what I have been saying~all along. I don't think the people got us into this problem.I think the government and wealthy, wall street,big business , the banks I guess u could say part of the people~ but not us common working class got us into this mess~l the war end? will it be better than before it began, which never should have, especially in Iraq~ we really don't know wht obama would have done under the same circumstances Bush had~

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