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1 Suicide or...........MURDER!!! on Wed Apr 22, 2009 7:03 pm


I must say that I thought that the economic disaster started when Fannie and Freddie started giving money away. Boy, is my face red. After visiting the dailykos and Huffworld last night,I have had an epiphany. It was all Wall St criminals, conservative lobbyists,George bush (of course), and ALL Republicans. Clearly, since Fannie was no way involved in, or had any responsibility for, anything at all, there MUST be a reason this poor CFO wound up dead. As soon as I put on my new aluminum foil hat, it hit me. BUSH HAD HIM MURDERED! From now on we must look askance at every violent death withiin the USA. Shot to death ? Cheney. Drowned? Waterboarded to death. Suicide? Bush,with his ability to falsify eveidence will clearly be the one. Car wreck? Limbaugh on drugs. Motive? Repugs don need no steenking motive!

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