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1 The "dailykos" and "Huffingtonpost" on Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:58 pm


I had been to the HP several times before and found her site reflects her persona. A crazy,liberal, loudmouth bitch. I remember her from many years ago. I think she ran for Gov. of California or some such. DO NOT let this woman get near a camera or a microphone, she'll never shut up. She's one of those poodle packing limousine liberals who won't hesitate telling YOU how you should think. Another case of someone having too much money and time on her hands. She features nothing but ant-Republican propaganda on her site. She is,however, not sinister,just stupid. Soros/dailykos is another story. While Ariana kisses celebrity ass, Soros is out to radicalize this nation. He headlines posts with neutral sounding banners but the full text tells the real story. I invite everyone here to go to either of these sites and tell me with a straight face that they aren't BOTH loudly anti-conservative, anti-military, anti-Republican, pro gay,pro abortion,pro Palestinian, pro welafare state, blog-dumps. I don't use pro/anti websites for that reason. I'm anti-idiot.

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