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White House gives out number to sex line for Hillary Clinton conference call

From correspondents in Washington

Agence France-Presse

April 03, 2009 09:48am

US journalists got a shock when they dialed a toll-free number to join a conference call with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and National Security Advisor James Jones in London.

The number turned out to be a sex chat line inviting callers to use their credit card numbers.

"Do you have any hidden desires?" a sultry-voiced woman asked.

"Well, do you feel like getting nasty? Then you came to the right place - brought to you by the girls of Swank magazine," she said.

Reporters finally got through to Ms Clinton and Mr Jones when they gave up on the US "800" number and instead dialed an international number.

The White House did not offer an explanation when asked how it sent the wrong number in an email listing both numbers - one for journalists in the US and the other for those overseas.

"Lots of important issues to cover today!" Thomas Vietor, a White House spokesman, said when asked about the mistake in an email.
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When pressed further about the number, Mr Vietor replied: "I haven't dialed whatever number you're referencing. Please call such numbers on your free time!"

Mr Jones and Ms Clinton were being interviewed about the NATO summit in Strasbourg.


George Bush's fault. The Obama admin inherited his phone people.


LOL..thought it might have been shades of Bill


They made the recorded message.

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