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U.S. product scares cause fears about baby shampoo, chicken essence in Taiwan

Taiwan News, Staff Writer

2009-03-16 01:16 AM
Taiwanese retailers removed baby shampoos from their shelves yesterday after activists in the United States claimed they contained cancer-related substances.
The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a U.S. coalition of environmental and health groups, claimed baby shampoos and lotions tested positive for formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane, ingredients potentially linked to cancer.

Taiwanese retailers said yesterday they were unable to contact Taiwan's Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, the distributor of Johnson's Baby Shampoo, over the weekend, so they decided to remove the products as a preventive measure. The retailers expected to be able to contact the company during office hours today, reports said.

Products from two other companies questioned by the U.S. activist group were not available in Taiwan, company representatives said. In a separate product safety scare originating in the U.S., the manufacturers of Brand's essence of chicken said their products on sale in Taiwan were completely produced at an industrial park in Changhua County.

The U.S. government ordered a recall of five types of chicken essence after the origin of their ingredients could not be determined, said Hsu Yu-ling, a spokeswoman for the Taiwanese manufacturer of Brand's products. The recall was not related to the quality or the ingredients of the essence, she said.

All essence of chicken available in Taiwan was produced locally and never left the country, according to Hsu. The products for sale in Taiwan were all completely reliable, so consumers should not fear for their health, the company said.

Khong Guan Corporation, of Union City, California, issued a recall for about 2,858 pounds of Brand's chicken drinks because the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service could not determine that the poultry ingredients were prepared under inspection, reports said.

That made the products ineligible to be sold in the U.S., according to media reports.

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