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rosco 357

Jon Stewart On Twitter: "I Have No Idea How It Works, Or Why It Is"
Nicholas Carlson|Mar. 3, 2009, 7:22 AM|26
Tags: Media, Twitter
The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took on micro-blogging service Twitter during his "Old Man Stewart Shakes His Fist at " segment. He said, "I have no idea how it works, or why it is." Can we confess? Neither do we.

First the Stewart clip, and then below that, Twitter CEO Ev Williams on Charlie Rose, trying to answer all our questions:

MY WORDS this sight has 2 vids on twitter, one is of the jon stewart show, on twitter,


Here is the video rosco, if you click on the video at the bottom where it says "Share" it will present you the embedded code. The server its linked from is very slow so it might take some time for the video to load.

rosco 357

thanks for the info on sharing, i did watch the vid when i posted the article, but i think i thought sharing was for email, or just not paying attention.i clicked sharing and saw what u ment ,, take care,

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