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1 A rainy day on Kentucky on Wed Feb 18, 2009 10:04 am


Good Morning
hope all are well today
having my first cup of java ,and reading the news
with Tylers great features here one doesn't have to surf for the news ,and with a couple others who provide the news its great
don't have to even read the paper.

even with all the gloom and doom of our world, wars, financial upheaval ,and economic disaster. it is still great to be alive, and live in a country where people come together/work together to improve things God Bless American and the World//

Like the recent ice storm.. most of west Kentucky looks like a war zone.
many states came, pitched in, and restored power, and clean up, the praise for these men and women are felt throughout our area,and beyond to all who have gone through disaster

I just feel good to know we will survive these turbulent times, and be stronger , better,and smarter/I hope.. Life is not Always a rose Garden..

Pray,Smile, Hope, knuckle/hunker down and things will improve

Love to all~

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